This War of Mine: Final Cut Coming to Next-Gen Consoles May 10th

This War of Mine: Final Cut from Poland-based 11 bit studios is coming to current-gen consoles. The original iteration of the game came out in 2014. Unfortunately, the game is eerily relevant right now with the war going on in Ukraine. The game adds a heartbreaking, emotional perspective not often seen in games that feature war.

In a press release, Przemek Marszal, 11 bit studios’ CEO, says, “We believe it’s especially important to educate people on the realities of war right now, while its horrifying reality has become a daily struggle for people that are close to us.” Marszal recognizes the fundraising they’ve done to help war victims in Ukraine. He hopes the game can help spread the antiwar message the game promotes.

In This War of Mine, you play as civilians surviving in a war-torn city. Players must scavenge for food, supplies, and medicine while dealing with hostile scavengers and deadly snipers. The game showcases the horrors and atrocities of war from a down-to-earth perspective.

This War of Mine: Final Cut art for xbox and ps5 release.
Photo Credit: 11 bit studios

The updated version, titled This War of Mine: Final Cut, contains all additional content previously released for the game. It also includes updated 4K visuals and UI adjustments. Players will also get access to a brand new scenario, new quests and events, a brand new character, and remastered versions of all the classic locations.

Per the press release, “This War of Mine: Stories, comprised of three narrative-focused DLC episodes, will also be available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. They will be available separately or in one package. This War of Mine: Complete Edition bundles the base game with all of the Stories DLC.”

This War of Mine: Final Cut for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on May 10th. It will also be available on Day One on Xbox Game Pass.


Written by Casey David Muir-Taylor

Casey grew up in the deep south but now resides in the Midwest. He is a fan of JRPGs, survival horror, and story-driven games and believes video games offer the best form of escapism. He is a freelance writer and social media manager.

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