Through the Fire and Flames Played on Trombone Champ

Somebody Plays Through the Fire and Flames on Trombone Champ
Photo Credit: Holy Wow

If you thought completing Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero was impressive, wait until you see someone play the song on Trombone Champ.

For those unaware, Trombone Champ is currently taking the internet by storm. Developed by Holy Wow, the game was released on Steam last month to overwhelming praise. Its concept is simple: become a trombone champion. Players are tasked with performing various songs similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero fashion. The game’s soundtrack features 20 songs, ranging from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to Take Me Out to the Ball Game and God Save the King.

One highlight of Trombone Champion is the free play mode, which allows players to perform any song of their choosing, which includes DragonForce’s Through the Fire and Flames.

Witness as DerpyChap performs the entire seven-plus minute song in all of its glory. No guitar riffs or solos here; this is pure trombone glory. 

Just as glorious are the comments on the video.

  • “this is better than most people can play through the fire and flames on an actual guitar”
    – Vespers
  • Its a rite of passage. Every rhythm game must have Through the Fire and Flames”
    – Dont Ever
  • “From the first moment I saw Trombone Champ I have waited to see Through the Fire and Flames. Thank you for delivering.”
    – Brent Allen
  • “This is the reason Youtube exists”
    – RDreamer

I highly encourage watching the entire video, not just to see this beautiful moment in Trombone Champ history but also for a fun gag at the end of the song. 

If you’re still on the fence about picking up the game, then here are some Steam reviews to sell you on it:

  • “way cheaper than therapy”
    – h*ckin goofed
  • “Game of the year, Elden Ring is scared”
    – Monos
  • “I uninstalled Rocksmith for this.”
    – Viscount of Volume
  • “the dark souls of tromboning”
    – dustycode
  • “You can tell the person who made this game plays the trombone, because you actually get to play the melody.”


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