Timberborn: How To Fix Game Freezing

I’m specifically referring to the issue which Timberborn completely freezes after 20-30 minutes of play or more. Reports have been flooding in, and yet, there is little to no official information. What is apparent though, is that the whole freezing issue is an underlying issue with the game. But let’s go over how to fix Timberborn freezing.

How To Fix Game Freezing – Timberborn

If this has occurred to you, you might be aware that there is little to be done if you want to exit the game. Sadly, that’s the case for most players.

Furthermore, while we would’ve loved to have a fix for this, unfortunately, at the time of writing, the only way to fix Timberborn freezing is by hard restarting the system. Actually, that might be the only option for most, because the whole system remains unresponsive when this game freezes.

However, while there is little information on this topic, there are things which are known to make sure these sudden freezes don’t happen again:

  • Run as administrator & Disable Fullscreen Optimizations;
  • Add a Controlled Folder Access Exception for Timberborn;
  • Verify Integrity of Game Files;
  • Update GPU drivers and OS;
  • Update game;
  • Reinstall.

As of this moment, these are all of the fixes which are known for this issue. These aren’t just for this issue, but will ensure that your system and Timberborn are running properly as they should be.

Even though there are multiple issues such as this in this game, it remains to be a pretty unique city-builder either way. If you’re experiencing other issues such as crashing, black screen, or stuck on loading, the aforementioned fixes will work for that as well.

Written by Borut Udovic

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