Titanfall 1 Removed From Stores and Subscription Services

Original Titanfall Removed From Stores and Subsription Services

Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s first game and IP, has been delisted from stores and removed from subscription servers.

The developer announced that despite the franchise being core to the developer’s DNA, they’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue new sales of the original entry.


Titanfall is part of our DNA at Respawn. It’s a game that showcased the ambitions of the studios when it was first released more than 7 years ago and it continues to be a beacon of innovation that we strive for in all of our games.

We’ve made the decision to discontinue new sales of the orignial Titanfall game starting today and we’ll be removing theg ame from subscription services on March 1, 2022. We will, however, be keeping servers live for the dedicated fanbase still playing and those who own the game and are looking to drop into a match.

Rest assured, Titanfall is core to Respawn’s DNA and this incredible universe will continue. Today in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, and in the future. This franchise is a north star for the caliber of experiences we will continue to create here at Respawn.

Source: Respawn Entertainment Twitter

A quick search on Steam confirms that the original Titanfall is not available for purchase.

Original Titanfall Removed From Stores and Subsription Services

Titanfall originally released for Windows and Xbox One on March 14th. The game was well received, but not without issues regarding a virtually non-existent campaign and lack of multiplayer features.

Its sequel, Titanfall 2, addressed both those issues and enjoyed widespread praise. Fans recently celebrated “Titanfall 2 day,” featuring a peak of over 50,000 concurrent users, in efforts to prove the franchise is still popular.

Developer Respawn Entertainment’s recent focus was been with two titles. First, Apex Legends, a free-to-play Battle Royale that they released back in February of 2019. They were also the team behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which launched in November of 2019.

Fans have been clamoring for Titanfall 3 for quite some time. Despite initial reports that it’s not in the cards currently, Respawn denied this back in September via a Tweet.

Regardless of the original report, there’s hope for the future of Titanfall franchise. The team is currently hiring several positions in game design, ranging from the Apex Legends team, the Star Wars team for a presumed Fallen Order 2, as well as a “New Game Incubation Team.”

Source: Respawn Careers

Should any news regarding a third Titanfall game break, we’ll let you know.


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