Check Out Tomb Raider Running on a Game Boy Advance

OpenLara on Game Boy Advance
Photo Credit: Timur Gagiev / YouTube

What happens when you take the PS1 classic Tomb Raider and combine it with a Game Boy Advance? You end up with a shockingly well-put-together port.

OpenLara on Game Boy Advance
Photo Credit: Timur Gagiev / YouTube

Modder XProger uploaded a clip from the classic action game to their Twitter account and fans of the franchise are eating it up.

The port took over a year to complete and faced many obstacles in getting it to work on the Game Boy Advance.

The gameplay looks shockingly good considering he’s still dealing with an Alpha for the port.

On the GBATemp forums the modder explains that there is still more to be done:

“There are many further improvements [I have planned]… As well as optimization of content and video to fit the entire Tomb Rader game in a 32 MB cartridge. But so far only 3 levels are available.”

XProger built the newest port using an open-source port from the original Tomb Raider he developed called OpenLara

OpenLara can run the game on a bunch of systems including Xbox, iPhone, 3DS, and 3DO.

You can try out the OpenLara platform here: 

BossLevelGamer writer Elijah Beahm (@UnabridgedGamer on Twitter) pointed out a cool little feature with the platform: “if you tap H, it gives you in-game prompts for all the controls.”


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