Top 10 DPS To Take Into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Top 10 DPS To Take Into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The newest World of Warcraft expansion is here, and people want to know the best DPS for Dragonflight. We’ve analyzed some data and came back with the highest performing classes at the end of the 10.0 pre-patch. 


The Beta and Public Test Realm have allowed many players to see what classes and DPS specifications are the most powerful going into Dragonflight. This lets everyone see whether their current main will be strong going into the new expansion. If not, it allows players to reroll their character and find a new main.


There have been a lot of changes for the upcoming expansion. Talent trees have seen a complete rework, which will certainly affect how classes perform through raids and mythic dungeons. 


Here are the top 10 DPS classes for Dragonflight. In this list, we will be ranking from worst to best DPS. We are using Warcraft Logs to see how the DPS classes perform in the pre-patch rankings. A chart detailing how every DPS class performs is available below. We’ll go into further detail talking about the top 10. 

top 10 dragonflight DPS
Photo from Warcraft Logs


10 – Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin hasn’t changed much from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Some old talents are returning, such as Divine Toll and Final Reckoning, which will make many players happy. A chance to experiment with these new talents makes the spec enjoyable.

To succeed in playing Ret Paladin, using Crusade is a must. Looking at the logs, they have dropped ever so slightly but are still a very strong contender for top DPS to take into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. 

9 – Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunter is powerful at the moment but dropped about five places down the list. They have been a very strong class since World of Warcraft: Legion and have always been a viable pick for DPS. Going into Dragonflight, Havoc DH will be a significantly different spec.

Different build styles for single-target DPS and multiple-target DPS will exist, resulting in your builds and rotation being very dependent on what kind of build you want. Because of this, your damage output will depend on your build and whether it meshes with each encounter. 

8 – Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock is a tricky spec to play, but for those that do play it, they’ll be happy to know that the playstyle from Shadowlands to pre-patch hasn’t fundamentally changed. While tier set bonuses aren’t available, they are now available as talents, such as Ripped Through The Portal and Imp Gang Boss.

Luckily, due to the new playstyles available through the talent options, Demonology Warlock has become a more versatile class. They are tankier than ever and can do AoE or single target damage based on what talents they choose, such as Demonic Inspiration, Fel Sunder and Infernal Command.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

7 – Arcane Mage

For the first time in a long time, Arcane Mages are one of the top damage dealers to take into World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight. They are scaling the damage charts and are performing very well in Shadowlands raids.

In pre-patch, they are using Kyrian conduits to overpower themselves, and they have the potential to be very successful in Dragonflight with talents such as Enlightened and Reverberate, which will allow abilities such as Arcane Missiles to do way more damage in the long run. 

6 – Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk is a very strong contestant in the DPS round-up for the strongest class, as they tend to migrate near the top. Although, they have fluctuated from the top and dropped a couple of places.

Windwalker Monk may be a difficult class to play for some as now every button press matters, and you have to press those buttons faster than before, which may come as a challenge, especially when the main role is to balance the caps of Chi and Energy. 

5 – Unholy Death Knight

Next on our list of top 10 DPS to bring into Dragonflight, we’re double dipping with the Death Knight class. 

Unholy Death Knight has jumped up quite a few places from last week. The core identity of Unholy Death Knight remains the same, which will please many players. Going into pre-patch, it’s about expending runes with Festering Strike and Scourge Strike while also maintaining Festering Wounds.

There are other core abilities to keep on top of, such as Epidemic and Death Coil. Unholy Death Knight works best with single-target enemies and can have a tremendous amount of burst damage.

4 – Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight has gone up the charts a bit, so if you play this class, you may be in luck for having high DPS going into the next expansion. If you like doing AoE damage, this will be the expansion for you.

New affixes are going into the expansion, such as Motes Fated Affix, which, combined with abilities such as Breath of Sindragosa, Rime, and Remorseless Winter, give you the perfect opportunity to do immense amounts of cleave damage. 

3 – Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunter has always been a solid pick, especially for those who don’t know what to play or are new to the game but want to do a lot of damage. It’s one of the easier specs to play, but it can still dish out serious damage. If newer players are looking for a solid option on our list of top 10 DPS for Dragonflight, BM Hunter is a great place to start. 

While the core of BM Hunter hasn’t changed, there are a couple of new abilities you can mix and match within pre-patch to get that extra damage, such as Alpha Predator to combine with War Orders. The pre-patch update offers exciting changes for hunter players, as the new talents help boost any lacking damage.

Top 10 DPS Dragonflight
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

2 – Balance Druid

At the moment, Balance Druid is one of the top damage dealers to take into Dragonflight because of their buffs and damage-boosting spells like Convoke the Spirits in conjunction with Ravenous Energy.

Logs indicate that a Balance Druid’s damage spikes earliest in a battle. Since the pre-patch fights are relatively short, there’s no window for them to fall off, propelling them to the top of the DPS meters. Since last week, their damage has gone up and up, so be on the lookout for all those potential Moonkin players!

Fights will get longer in Dragonflight, but I still expect Balance Druids to perform quite well. 

1 – Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock remains at the top of the DPS to take into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. They have a wide population pool, but not as big as other DPS classes.

Affliction Warlock is a difficult spec to play, but once mastered, there is a lot of damage to be dealt in single-target and AoE settings with abilities like Agony and Unstable Affliction. With pre-patch conduits being active, Decimating Bolt or Soul Rot are very powerful choices that allow Affliction Warlocks to have a lot of damage.

Going into Dragonflight, they have fun and powerful choices such as Soul Flame and Grim Reach.

Wrapping up Our List of Top 10 Dps To Bring Into Dragonflight

Overall, there are a lot of powerful classes to take into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that aren’t even covered on this list. These are some great choices you may already be maining or considering rerolling into.

If you haven’t given them a try, pre-patch is the perfect chance to give them a shot and see if they may be your opportunity to do maximum DPS in Dragonflight.

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Written by Amy Eastland

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