Top 5 Submachine Guns You Need to Level Before Warzone 2

Top 5 Submachine Guns You Need to Level Before Warzone 2

The dust has settled, and everyone has had a chance to level and play with the new Modern Warfare 2 guns. Ultimately, some weapons must be better than others.

I’ve gotten gold camo on each submachine gun in the game. This playtime for the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer helped me compile a list of the top submachine guns you need to level before Warzone 2 drops next week. Some guns may be better than others, while some will fit different roles, such as sniper support. With this in mind, I’ve given each gun a fair shot.

Recently I ranked every Modern Warfare 2 map from worst to best. Now, let’s talk about the top five submachine guns you need to level before Warzone 2 drops. 

5 – The Vel 46 Stays Viable Just Like the MP7 Did

5 - The Vel 46 Stays viable just like the MP7 did
Photo Credit: Activision

We start with the Vel 46. This gun is basically the MP7 from Modern Warfare 2019, and not a lot has changed. This gun is reliable and probably makes a good spot as a sniper support weapon for warzone 2.

While it doesn’t have the fastest time to kill of the bunch, clean iron sights, minimal recoil, and a stock 40-round magazine make this a great choice to run around the map with. And it’s not just the nostalgia driving this gun up the list.

I was able to drop a 46-kill game using this exact attachment setup

4 – The Pdsw 528 Is the P90 That We Deserved

4 - The PDSW 528 is the P90 that we deserved
Photo Credit: Activision

The P90 from Modern Warfare 2019 was unimpressive. During the Verdansk days, it never got a chance in the spotlight. Everything else killed faster than it, its mobility wasn’t great, and it had the same damage profile as many assault rifles. I often found myself asking why the gun is even in the game.

Well, all that has changed this time around. The PDSW is here, and I am a huge fan of it.

They finally got this gun right with the fast time to kill and many different attachments that some of the other subs don’t have access to. This gun both feels great and performs great. Give this gun a try if you haven’t already.

3 – The Vaznev-9K Is a Powerhouse

3 - The Vaznev-9K is a powerhouse
Photo Credit: Activision

If you’ve been playing a bunch since launch, you’ve probably seen a fair share of your teammates and opponents using this one. That makes it a natural inclusion on our list of submachine guns you need to level before Warzone 2.

Many pro players have been rocking this powerhouse with only three attachments. Remember that the Call of Duty league has banned suppressors, lasers, and ammo types. With this in mind, we’ll build these guns without those restrictions.

After all, we aren’t all pro players, and a little more recoil control at the end of the day isn’t a bad thing.

This gun is one of the fastest-killing submachine guns currently in the game, and it won’t let you down!

2 – The Fennec 45 Deletes People in a One-on-One Firefight

2 - The Fennec 45 Deletes people in a one-on-one firefight
Photo Credit: Activision

Presenting the gun so good that the Call of Duty League has a Gentleman’s agreement not to run it in their tournaments.

The Fennec (Vector) Is back for another year, and this thing absolutely melts. This gun’s only downside is it eats through ammo like none other on this list. With only a 30-round magazine by default, you’ll likely need to reload this gun after every other kill.

Thankfully, there is a 45-round attachment, but with the slower aim, sight time, and movement speed decrease, you’ll have to weigh your choices carefully.

Lastly, with Modern Warfare 2’s time to kill as fast as it is, this gun makes an absolute fool of the other guns mentioned in this list of top five submachine guns.

1 – The Lachmann Sub Proves the MP5 Is Always on Top

1 - The Lachmann Sub proves the MP5 is always on top
Photo Credit: Activision

Whether it’s Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops: Cold War, or Modern Warfare 2, the MP5 is always a top contender. It tops our list of submachine guns you need to level before Warzone 2.

This gun is a pain to unlock, but the reward is worth it. First, you need to level the Battle Rifle version of the Lachmann 762 to at least level 13. This will unlock the Lachmann 556 assault rifle. Next up, you have to get to level 12, which will unlock the submachine gun variant.

Finally, your journey can begin.

A very reasonable time to kill, easy-to-control recoil, and an optional 50-round magazine make this a great all-around weapon. This will likely be the first SMG I bring into Warzone 2 until the meta gets more defined.

Wrapping Up

There we have it: the top five submachine guns you should level and focus on before Warzone 2 drops. Did one of your favorite guns not make our list, or do you think something should’ve been included much higher? Let us know in the comments down below!

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