Torchlight Infinite: How Does Energy Work

Torchlight Infinite is a loot-based ARPG where you can create your own heroes to fight the darkness and restore the light in the land of Leptis. It recently opened its beta on the PC and mobile play stores, the game can be played cross-platform between both. The shifting dungeons and prospects of amazing loot make players look forward to the journey ahead of them, despite the dangers that may be hiding behind every corner. Players get to build their character any way they want. However, one limiting factor would be their energy. How does that work? Find out below

Here’s how energy works in Torchlight Infinite.

How Does Energy Work – Torchlight Infinite

Energy is a resource that is used in the skill menu shown in the top right. It is used to increase the number of links a skill can have, up to a total of six links.

The more energy you have, the more you can invest into your character and make them more powerful. So obtaining and managing energy is important if you want to optimize your character.

The easiest way to obtain energy is by leveling up. Every time you level up, your character gains one additional point of energy that you can use to improve your character.

However, this method is limited. Once you reach the maximum level, you won’t be able to earn any more energy from this method.

The other method to gain energy is through your gear. Once you reach level 40, certain gear that drops will also have energy levels connected to them.

Don’t get too attached to any gear you find as it is optimal to switch around equipment every now and then.

Written by Borut Udovic

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