Tower Of Fantasy: Germinate Revelation Seeds Locations

The Germinated Revelation Seeds are a new piece of material that can be obtained in Tower of Fantasy. These seeds require you to get to a specific location and defeat a monster that will award you with the seeds once dead. Not so many players know exactly where to go in order to find these seeds. Let us help you out with that.

In this guide, you will learn how you can get the germinated revelation seeds in Tower of Fantasy.

Germinate Revelation Seeds Locations

Begin your adventure by heading over to the Miasmic Swamp area and go to the very northeast side. Look at the image below to see exactly where you need to position yourself.

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Your coordinates need to be -759.4, and -1752.4 if you want a more specific location.

Once you get there, you will see a giant rib cage as well as a green egg. Around the big green egg, you will see more purple eggs on which you can use one of the elemental sources.

And once all elemental sources have been broken on the purple eggs, the giant green egg will explode and Alkea will appear. Alkea is a monster which you must defeat and obtain the Germinated Revelation Seeds from.

And that is how and where you can get the Germinated Revelation Seed in Tower of Fantasy.

Written by Borut Udovic

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