Tower of Fantasy: How To Claim Gift Rewards

If you play Tower of Fantasy daily, you will have a chance to obtain a lot of free gift rewards that will help you to obtain some amazing items and materials which is a big advantage in a resource game as Tower of Fantasy. Follow the methods and never forget to claim your free rewards.

This guide will show you How to Claim Gift Rewards in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: How To Claim Gift Rewards

At the beginning of the game, head to the Rewards menu by clicking on the gift box on the upper right of your screen.

Once you are inside Rewards Menu, on the bottom of the screen you can see three different categories: Special Operation, Rewards, and Newcomer Event.

You can get different types of gifts that require completing different tasks or basic daily rewards.

From the Special Operation menu, you can collect the Milestones rewards.

Simply click on the “Claim” button and collect all the free rewards if you have completed the specific task for it.

From there, select Rewards at the bottom of the scree, and on the lefthand corner select Sign-in where you can collect the seven-day sign-in rewards.

These rewards can be claimed only once per day. These are fixed rewards, and after 7 days they will reset once you collect them all.

If you missed a day collecting your daily reward, you will be able to collect it the next day.

At the Level Pack menu, you can also claim a lot of rewards after completing specific tasks.

Next is the Pass rewards, which will give you rewards after reaching a certain level in the game.

Once you have reached more levels, and more than one reward are unlocked, you just simply click on “Claim All” and all the rewards will be received.

Written by Borut Udovic

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