12 Popular Trends That Will Make You Go ‘What Was I Thinking’ in 5 Years

woman confused or embarrassed
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What is trendy now, but in five years, everyone will look back on it and be embarrassed they liked it? After a quick internet poll, these are the top-voted responses.

1. Misusing Mental Health Terms

Terms related to mental health being misused will hopefully become played out in the next five years. One user gave examples of misused words and phrases like gaslighting, narcissism, and trauma dumping as the first ones to mind.

Additionally, saying someone is acting Bipolar or crazy is unacceptable, and people need to stop doing it.

2. The Broccoli Top (Zoomer Perm)

There is a broccoli-type hairstyle that has become quite popular lately. Someone noted that everyone who sports the “Broccoli Top” looks terrible. Another replied by calling it the mullet of the Zoomers who will have to explain themselves to their grandchildren later.

3. Big Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Another described their hatred for the big lashes and brows by likening them to giant tarantulas on their face. They clarified that they were only referring to the squared-off, cosmetically constructed unnatural eyebrows, not the naturally grown ones that some people have finally learned to love.

4. Lack of Color in Children’s Lives

One joked about extinguishing the child’s spirit early with the lack of color. In contrast, another argued how they understood that a child’s room should consist of mostly neutral colors for many reasons. Still, most believed the “minimal design” was about the parents.

5. Pandemic Selfishness

Someone confessed that they wish they could return to a world pre-COVID. They commented on how the world has become selfish and inconsiderate of the people around them, and in five years, they’ll look back at it with disgust.

6. Lip Fillers

Lip fillers were a terrible idea. One shared they saw someone on TV with lip filler so intense she couldn’t close her mouth. They paralleled lip filler to the 1980s bangs hairstyle.

Another user admitted feeling embarrassed for some of these unnatural-looking women because of their lip fillers. Noting, it looks ugly and ridiculous.

7. Zoomer Slang (Cringe)

Someone noted the ridiculous overuse of the word “cringe” and the fact that the next generation will need to expand its vocabulary. The following person declared instead of judging someone for their likes or behavior, learn another way to express your dislike.

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8. The Extremely Long Finger Nails

Several people explained how confused they were about the use and convenience of those ridiculously long nails and how nasty they looked. Additionally, they are a hotbed for bacteria and aren’t good for your nails. One person compared the long nails trend to oversized platform shoes.

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9. Buccal Fat Removal

Another person informed peers about a video they watched explaining the Buccal Removal surgery’s irreversibility and long-term effects. They continued about how risky and unnecessary the surgery was as well. Several agreed and feared the unnatural beauty standards destroying our little girl’s self-esteem.

10. The Infiltration of Technology into Everyday Life

One user admitted they considered purchasing a Smart-Fridge before deciding against it. Another noted going to their partner’s parents’ house and running into many issues involving smart devices and exclaimed how angry the need for everything to be smart and electronic made them.

Are we going to start needing to replace our fridges every two years, too? They receive updates like cell phones. So what happens when the tech is obsolete?

11. Subway Tile

woman confused or embarrassed
Image Credit: GaudiLab / Shutterstock.

Many agreed that the trend of subway tile looks very cold and cheap. One explained that they bought a house and quickly became annoyed with the subway tile in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

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12. Duck Dynasty Beards

Finally, one user volunteered – Duck Dynasty beards. They described the beards as scraggly, gross, and super long. They compared it to a Gnome’s beard and blamed the TV show Duck Dynasty for making them so popular. 

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or did they seriously miss the mark? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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