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Tunic Seeking Spell | What Does It Do?

Tunic Seeking Spell - What Does It Do?

Tunic is a world chock-full of secrets. From new upgrades to pages of your instruction manual, you’ll have plenty to do while you head from shrine to shrine. That being said, the game does actually have a few ways to help you find some specific items. The Seeking spell in Tunic seems like it’d be really good for leading you to secrets or hidden passageways. However, it actually only has one specific goal. If you’re wondering why it does what it does, we can help you understand how it works!

What Does the Seeking Spell Do in Tunic?

What Does the Seeking Spell Do in Tunic?

The Seeking spell in Tunic leads you toward Secret Fairy puzzles. This spell conjures lights that will point vaguely in the direction of the nearest fairy puzzle, which you will then have to solve. Casting the spell within relatively close vicinity to the puzzle will instead show you where the fairy is located.

This spell is extremely useful if you plan on doing a 100% completion run. It is so nice to have a spell that you can cast to lead you to exactly where Fairies are.

In order to unlock the Seeking spell, you’ll need page 47 of your Instruction Manual. This manual is located on the Beach. Travel west to blink dash to a Walkway, and travel to the West Garden. Keep blink dashing to get to a spawn point Head south to the stairs next to the pillar and interact with it to unlock the golden pedestal. Teleport, then dash onto some pillars. The pages will be covered by a tree.

With Page 47, you are now able to know how to cast Seeking. You can use this itself to solve some Fairy puzzles, but it will usually just point you to the nearest one.

Some of these puzzles will require some upgrades to get to, such as the Magic Orb. Don’t worry if you need to come back later! If you get page 48 of the Instruction Manual, then you’ll be able to see what Fairy locations are still missing, but only if you get near them first. This can be a good way to keep track of which fairies you use!

Written by Andrew Smith