“What Was It All For?!”: TV Shows With the Absolute Worst Endings

Make Seinfeld your next Netflix binge-watch
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A great TV show becomes appointment viewing. It’s how you love to spend your evening. You become invested in the plot lines, characters, and their development. But it all comes crashing down thanks to an awful ending. Here are 10 TV shows with the worst endings that left us disappointed. 


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The first season of Dexter is some of the best television ever created. While subsequent seasons couldn’t always meet the expectations, some (Season 4 with John Lithgow) were incredible.

By the end, though, the rails fall entirely off the wagon. Dexter doesn’t just jump the shark. It jumps the moon of Jupiter. Thankfully, the rebooted season was enjoyable to compensate for the incredibly disappointing ending. 

How I Met Your Mother

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If you’re looking for a lesson on how to tick off your fan base, start with How I Met Your Mother. 

After building up to the wedding of Barney and Robin and showing Ted’s ability to move on from Robin finally, the writers undo their work entirely to provide a twist ending. 


“What was it all for!?!?! Arthur rejects magic, and they’re back to square one!”

Merlin enchanted its viewers until the end, when it spat in their faces. In addition to Arthur rejecting magic, suddenly it’s the present day, and we’re still watching Merlin see his friends die, his home ravaged, and lose everything he knows and loves. 

Merlin deserves better. 


One of the surprise hits of the 1980s is ALF, a sitcom starring a wise-cracking alien. 

However, as the fourth season was airing, its popularity waned. As a result, NBC canceled the series, which means that it ends on a massive cliffhanger where the fate of Alf is unknown.

Years later, a TV movie that lacked most of the original cast aired but arguably worsened things. 

My Name Is Earl

ALF isn’t the only NBC show to end on a cliffhanger. 

The sitcom, starring Jason Lee, never had a chance to fully tell its story. Series creator Greg Garcia explained, “I was worried about doing a cliffhanger but I asked NBC if it was safe to do one at the end of the season and they told me it was. I guess it wasn’t.”


Make Seinfeld your next Netflix binge-watch
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The last season of Seinfeld features a surprising amount of quality episodes. The finale, however, is not one of those.

The much-anticipated series finale of Seinfeld is nothing more than a glorified clip show. It was so bad that the team essentially made a new finale on the HBO series Curb your Enthusiasm. 

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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After six seasons of near perfection, Game of Thrones’ quality took a gigantic nose dive.

Not only are the final two seasons disappointing, but the ending is the cherry on top of a bad ice cream sundae. 


A TV ending so bad it was immediately retconned during the Roseanne revival.

The original finale of Roseanne revealed that everything for the past nine years never happened; it was all a story written by Roseanne Conner. Dan had died from the heart attack seen in season 8. The Conners didn’t win the lottery. Nothing mattered, and audiences felt betrayed. 

House of Cards

For many, it’s hard to pinpoint where things went wrong with the breakout Netflix TV series. 

Some think it should have ended after the Kevin Spacey allegations came to light. Others believe that the show should have ended when Frank Underwood became President at the end of Season 2. Regardless, everyone agrees on one thing: this once great television series had a stinker of an ending. 


In all honesty, it was the writer’s strike that killed Heroes. 

The NBC series was a breakout hit in the mid-2000s. Its second season, however, was cut short due to the 2007-2008 WGA Writer’s Strike. Heroes would never recover. While it lasted for a total of four seasons, things were never the same. 

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