Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Elden Ring Guide

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Elden Ring looks tough but with this Elden Ring guide, you will easily slay the creature time and time again. Yes, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a recurring Elden Ring boss, or mini-boss.

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit drop can include Golden Seed, Banished Knight Oleg’s spirit summon, and around 15,000 Runes. This depends on the boss variant.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss Guide

This boss hits hard but moves slow and has exaggerated animations. Also, you should equip a weapon that causes bleed damage. It will cause a burst of damage to the boss and make it more likely to stagger. Uchigatana and Bloodhound’s Fang are early weapons that cause bleeding.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Straight View

What you want to do first is position yourself on either side of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. This counts for any variant of the boss you encounter anywhere. It has a diverse move set, but only two for side-attacks.

It tends to writhe and climb walls a lot, but as long as you stick to its sides, you won’t take a hit and will end up just beside it. Keep attacking it twice after it has finished a combo and simply watch its movements.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Swipe

It will either swipe or stomp its claw twice to hit you when you are at the side. In both instances, it will lift its claw first, so just roll back or right.

There’s just one attack you’re better off running away from.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Explosion

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit will first hunch and start glowing yellow shortly after. An AoE explosion will soon follow. As it hunches, just start running away, especially if you are in an early game build because it will deal huge damage.

Elden Ring Critical Hit Stagger

If the boss gets staggered, it will fall down. Quickly head over and aim for the glowing eye.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Locations

There are three known locations of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit so far: Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, Stormveil Castle, and Mt. Gelmir.

You can face the boss in Elden Ring early on if you have a Stonesword Key. Use it to unlock the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave on the right of the Grace Site.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero's Cave

Make your way down and take a left. When you reach the end of the path, the boss fight will be on the right. You will also have the Statue of Marika spawn, so you don’t have to repeat the cave if you die.

You can also face the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in the Stormveil Castle underground section.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Underground
This area just screams boss fight

Elden Ring’s early game can be brutal, especially if you are new to the Souls genre. However, the pay-off for beating these bosses is too good to pass on. After beating the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Elden Ring, how about a round with the Tree Sentinel? It drops a neat Golden Halberd, ideal for Strength, Dex, and Faith.

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