Undecember: Best Mage Build

Undecember is a new hack-and-Slash ARPG developed by Needs Games in which players get to experience becoming a Rune Hunter and experience the joy of linking a variety of Skill and Link Runes. The game comes with a huge amount of character customizations based on intricate item and skill systems. Players get to choose what kind of playstyle they want. If you like dealing loads of damage with spells, then playing like a mage might be the best for you.

Here’s the best mage build in Undecember!

Best Mage Build – Undecember

The Mage is a powerful spellcaster that can bend the elements to their will. The mix of spells that they can cast makes the mage a versatile class to play.

The element with the most damage would be Fire and so most of the runes and skill taken will be associated with that.


The main DPS skill for this build will be the Flamethrower. It can be linked with Fireball and a few support runes that will increase its damage and let you fling Fireballs while channeling Flamethrower. On the Fireball you can link Runes such as “Spell DMG Increase” and “Multishot”.

You can take Teleport as your movement spell to dodge attacks from enemies. And finally, you can take the “Summon Abyssling” so that you can summon a minion to distract the boss and tank for you while you incinerate them to ashes. You can improve the minion by linking it with runes like “Minion Armor” and “Minion HP”.


For your stats, you want to heavily invest in Intelligence. You can invest in some Strength for bonus HP, but if you have any spare points you’ll want to put it in Intelligence.

For Constellations, you will want to get those that increase your Magical Damage and everything related to Fire Damage. For some defense, you should also take some points in  Barrier.


For your equipment, you want stats similar to your Zodiac. So anything that gives you a boost in magical damage, Barrier or Intelligence.

If you need to improve your equipment then you can go to the Blacksmith and enchant some of your gear to make it better.

Written by Borut Udovic

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