Undecember: Carovan Raid Boss Guide

Undecember is a brand new RPG that has just been released. The RPG features a ton of content such as raids, dungeons, missions, PVP and PVE events. As you play this game, you will level up and upgrade your character to be even better and better. Once you get to the top, the best way to upgrade are raids.

This guide will show you how to defeat the level 50 Carovan Raid boss in Undecember.

Carovan Raid Boss Guide – Undecember

Once you begin the raid with your party, you will notice that the boss will have one single ability. The Staff Slam is the first ability that he will use. You will notice the boss using this ability when he raises his staff in the air and prepares for a slam.

Get away from the area where the boss is facing to avoid getting damaged.

Carovan will also teleport to one of the corners of the map to avoid getting attacked and charge towards a player. As he charges towards that player, he will swing his staff around, creating a lot of AOE damage. Use any mobility skills here to avoid getting damaged.

The next and main ability to focus on is the spread ability. Carovan will spawn white particles on each raid member. Each raid member needs to spread at least 5 yards from each other just so that they don’t get damaged.

If 2 raid members are close to each other, the whole group gets damaged.

Another ability to focus is the white beams that he will consume from the 4 pillars that are on the corner of the map. You need to drag the boss to each pillar and destroy them just so he does not benefit from them.

When the boss reaches below 50 percent, he will change his appearance and become a beast. And from here on out it’s a DPS race until you reach the whirlwind ability that Carovan has to cast.

The whirlwind ability will require you to get as away as possible from the boss to not take damage, if you are close enough, you will be killed and wipe.

Written by Borut Udovic

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