Undecember: Character Easter Egg

Undecember is a great roleplaying game where you get to create characters and follow the main story of the game. As you progress through this game, you will learn new things and some hidden ones as well. A great character Easter egg has been found in Undecember that you need to see.

This guide will show you the character Easter Egg that has been found in Undecember.

Character Easter Egg – Undecember

This Easter Egg revolvs around your character and there is a creepy thing that he does whenever you zoom in.

So whenever you zoom in with your camera in Undecember, your screen will zoom into your character model. As you get closer and closer to the character, the character itself will look up and sort of spook you.

This is a really cool Easter egg that your character can do because it’s also great for taking screenshots if you want to make a cool image.

So slap on your best looking armor set and equip the best looking weapons that you can find in Undecember for your character and take a good looking shot!

Written by Borut Udovic

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