Undecember: Skill Tree and Enchantment Guide

Undecember is a RPG where you need to create a character, begin from level 1 and follow the story that the game has to offer you until you reach maximum level and become one of the strongest players out there. The Skill Tree is an important asset to the game which allows you to gain some extra buffs and enhance your character’s playstyle in a different way.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the skill tree in Undecember.

Skill Tree and Enchantment Guide – Undecember

Skill Tree

Skills in each game are important as you need them to perform much better. Each character from a game has a different set of skills which makes them different from each other. That’s why you need to learn what your character needs best and how to align those skills.

In Undecember, you can make a ton of combinations of skills. For example:

  • If you want to play a ranged damaging class, you would equip more ranged damaging skills for that class so the skills have an effect.
  • If you want to play a melee fighting class, you would equip more melee damaging skills and different mobile spells or defensive spells for your fights.

You need to understand that all the skills can be equipped, but you must select the best ones so you perform well.

To open up the skill tree, press K to begin.

There are a few colors of skills that you need to look out for. Each skill has a color outline which is the connection point to this skill.

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

These are the colors that you can make combinations for spells.

With the first spell now added to your skill tree, you need to align it with different colored spells that are useful for your play style and your character.

After you’ve finished reading and setting up your skills, it’s time to begin adding them to your hot-bar.

Press on the top left corner of the screen on the second tab to open up your skill slots and trigger slots. Here you can begin placing your skills and begin fighting.


To upgrade your skills, you can go to the main town and spend the in-game currency for an upgrade. The game currency is easy to obtain, meaning that skill upgrades won’t be a problem at all.

Find the NPC that has:

  • Rune Growth
  • Rune Enchant
  • Rune Shop

Press on the Rune Growth to upgrade a skill by adding different gems to that skills. Right-click on a rune to register it into the enchantment table, and your right rune bar will switch and show you all the gems.

Read out what each element will give you if you apply it to the rune. Once you know what to do, simply register the element into the rune and you got yourself an upgraded skill.

Written by Borut Udovic

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