Undecember: Ultimate Charm Guide

As you progress through the game, like in any other RPG, your enemies will become stronger and you have to continuously upgrade your character if you want to be able to eliminate your enemy and continue forward. If you want to increase your damage and easily defeat the enemies in the late game, then we recommend to take a look on the Charms and how to use them to increase your damage in the game.

This guide will show you everything about the Charms and how to use them in Undecember!

Ultimate Charm Guide – Undecember

If you want to increase your damage in Undecember, then for sure you will want to use the Charms. They are actually runes for your character that provide additional effects and bonuses that can increase your overall combat power. Around 30% of your total damage is coming from the charms, so you better use them properly.

To get access to the charms, you will have to complete Act 10 in the game. Also, once you complete the Act 11, you will get also a legendary center Charm and it’s better to save it for later.

You can access the Charm menu through the Charm menu button in the bottom right corner. There are different Charm slots and you can place a total of 6 Charms, each with a different ability. You will unlock them as you start running Maps, the deeper you get the more you can unlock, and also the Charms will drop from the maps.

You can keep on farming them because each of them that drops on the map, will have a different effect, and you might need more time farming in order to get the best charm that you want.

If you are not sure about what the charm is doing, then you can click the Charm Info icon and there you will find everything you need about the charms.

Increase Damage with Charms

If you want to increase your damage, then you have to focus on enchants that increase your damage specifically which can be Projectile Damage or Physical Damage, depending if your character is melee or range attack.

To find out more about the specific charms, you can click the Info Button and it will open the entire menu of the charms with all the abilities and effects they have.

Here you can check the current spells you have equipped with their effect, and if you have it at 140% completion it will approximately give you back a 30% physical damage boost to your character.

The Amplifier is very strong because that is based and calculated on your actual damage, for example, if you have 100% damage, you will get an additional 30% on it as a bonus which is massive.

To place the charms, you just need to right-click on it from your inventory and it will be placed on its corresponding slot. Keep in mind that if you have already one charm in there, and you want to place another one in the slot, you will destroy the actual one that is placed in the slot already.

These Charms have the possibility to be enchanted in the same way as equipment and you can increase their abilities and effects. It will unlock more powerful effects with additional bonuses that will increase your character’s stats even more.

You can craft the charms in the Charm Fusion

Combination of Charms

In order to get that 140% completion of a particular blessing that you are using, you will need to equip wards that are related to that blessing.

If you equip 6 amulets with Venus’s Blessing in them and with the same value, you will gain up to 84% and for the rest percentages to reach 140% you need to pair different enchantments that are from the same blessing.

If you combine with tier 3 talismans, you will also get a tier 3 stats after the fusion.

The stats that you will get after the fusion will be random and it will cost you 200.000 gold to finish the process.

Once you get the Center charm, you can check it in your inventory and then place it by right-clicking on it to the center slot in the Charm menu.

If you didn’t reach 140% completion, then you have to keep on crafting better charms, and fuse the combinations to get a higher percentage.

Written by Borut Udovic

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