Unfinished Vr, Mobile Settings Have Been Discovered in Gta Trilogy

Unfinished VR, Mobile Settings Have Been Discovered in GTA Trilogy

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition, which has left fans unpleased, has a couple of “surprises” hidden in the code. Ben Walker of Rockstar Intel discovered that coding for a VR mode has been discovered in the trilogy collection. Specifically, the video below is taken from San Andreas.

It should be noted that San Andreas is scheduled to appear on the Oculus Rift 2 in the future. Per Eurogamer, Facebook (who owns Oculus) called the project both “many years in the making” and said that they “can’t wait to show you more.”

The above footage is the first glimpse as to how the VR can work when it sees a proper release later this year.

Of note, this isn’t the first time hidden game code has been discovered in San Andreas. The Hot Coffee mod was infamously in the original release back in 2004. It also exists in the definitive edition, but it cannot be enabled.

Regarding the quality of the remake, Rockstar has said they’re working on delivering a product that will satisfy their customers. No timetable was given as to when we’ll see updates, other than in the near future.

No official footage has been shown for San Andreas VR, and no release date was given. It’s possible we’ll learn more by the end of the year, but nothing is for sure.   


Written by Jake Valentine

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