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V Rising Cave Passage | How to Fast Travel

V Rising Cave Passages

Traversing the world of V Rising is difficult, especially with how big the world is. Luckily the game provides some forms of fast travel, although they are limiting to the player. One of these places where you can fast travel is Cave Passages. But how exactly do they work?

What Do Cave Passages Do in V Rising?

What do Cave Passages Do in V Rising

Cave Passages are essentially one-way fast travels scattered around the world of V Rising. Players may be able to enter these passages in one part of the map, but then they won’t be able to travel back to where they came from. Not because the game won’t let them, but because all the exits to the cave passages are positioned on top of a ledge. You may be able to drop down off the ledge, but you won’t be able to get back up to the exit of the cave. Neither Bat form nor Frog Form will work either.

You can find the entrances to these Cave Passages by looking for glowing red cracks in the walls as you explore. Here’s a list of all the Cava Passage locations in V Rising.

  • Left Side Cursed Forest Entry / Far Left Farbane Woods Exit
  • Right Side Cursed Forest Entry / Top Left Dunley Farms Exit
  • Bottom Right Silverlight Hills Entry / Far Right Farbane Woods Exit
  • South of Dunley Farms Entrance Entry / Bottom of Farbane Woods Exit.

There’s another way of fast travel in the game as well, they’re called Vampire Waygates. Normally, they’re found in the far corners of each area in the game. However, they have one limiting factor which makes their use less effective. You’re unable to travel through them while carrying loot. So, if you’re wanting to use them to travel from one place to another, good luck.

However, as you progress, you’ll be able to place one of the Waygates in your castle, allowing you to travel to any of the waygates with empty pockets from home, increasing their effectiveness.

Written by Andrew Smith