V Rising: Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Location

V Rising is attracting its fans in the realm of vampires. In the huge world of Vardoran, every lord must fight to survive. The game offers many unique items and powerful skills that you can achieve during the progress of the game. The best way to upgrade your lord fast is to farm bosses, known as V Blood Carriers. Defeating those bosses will grant you rare items such as weapons and gear, and most importantly a powerful skill.

In this guide, we will show you Frostmaw the Mountain Location in V Rising!

V Rising: Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Location

Frostmaw The Mountain Terror is a pretty strong level 56 boss in V Rising. This V Blood Carrier can be tracked in the Blood Altar.

In order to find him, you need to make your way to the snowy corridors of the Hallowed Mountains. Because you can teleport there, we suggest you use your horse mount to get to the destination faster.

Before you go to fight this boss, make sure that you are powerful enough because he is strong and will take you some time before you defeat him.

Written by Borut Udovic

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