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V Rising Ghost Yarn | How to Get

How to Find Ghost Yarn in V Rising

V Rising’s survival crafting world has players scouring the gothic open world for items and materials to increase their power. One of the more important items that players are having trouble finding is the Ghost Yarn. There are two ways to get it, and we will take a look at both!

How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising

V Rising How to Get Ghost Yarn

There are two ways to get Ghost Yarn in V Rising: crafting it and finding it.

You can find Ghost Yarn on the north side of the Cursed Forest, around the Ancient Village. There are two Ancient Villages in the Cursed forest, one on the east, and one on the west. Make your way to one, and check every single chest, and you should come across this important item. Just be sure to watch out for enemies that are lurking around the village.

Then, make your way to the other town. You’ll notice that by the time you finish looting one town, the other one will have respawned all its items, allowing you to farm Ghost Yarn. This is a great method to get a lot of yarn.

When it comes to making it, you’re going to make sure you’re at Gear level 60. As you’re going to have to take on one of the Cursed Forest’s bosses.mUngora the Spider Queen. Use the Blood Pool to track her down, and defeat her.

Once she’s defeated, you’ll be able to return to your loom and make the Ghost Yarn. The recipe requires both the Cotton Yarn and the Ghost Shroom. While the Ghost Shroom is found in the Cursed Forest, you’re going to have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor to get the recipe for Loom or the Cotton Yarn.

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Written by Andrew Smith