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Valheim Cheats Not Working | F5 Won’t Show Console

Valheim cheat codes not working - F5 won't show console fix

Valheim is an early access game, meaning certain features will change throughout development. What you can do in Valheim will change constantly, and that includes console commands. It’s now a bit harder for individual worlds to gain access to the console during a game of Valheim, which makes it harder to do some things to ease the tedium of the current build. For some players, commands don’t seem to be working following update version 0.148.6. However, that does not mean the console has been whisked away completely! Our guide will bring you through the new steps you have to take to see the console again.

Valheim | F5 Won’t Show Console – Cheats Not Working Fix

Valheim F5 won't show console - cheats not working fix

In order to get Valheim‘s cheats working following update 0.148.6, you must enable the console in Steam’s launch options. Pressing F5 won’t show the console unless it’s been enabled in launch options. After that, you need to type “devcommands” into the console to activate the cheat codes. Once all that is done, you can get the camera, god mode, and flying cheats that you once had.

In order to activate the console again, head to Valheim‘s properties by right-clicking Valheim in your Steam library. Navigate to the “General” tab and head to the Launch Options field. Once there, type “-console” into the field, then close the tab. Bam, you’ve got the ability to open your console again by hitting F5!

After pressing F5, you have to type in “devcommands” to activate cheats. The old “imacheater” code no longer works. Now you have access to a ton of codes that the Valheim devs use to test things out! Try not to give yourself too much power; this is a game that’s supposed to test your resolve! However, if you really need to take a break from the tedium of corpse running and mining, then the console is a good way to have some fun with the game again.

We hope this has helped with your commands not working issues! Valheim has a ton of different commands to explore and mess around with. Here are a few of our favorites.

Written by Andrew Smith