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Valheim Controller Support | Can You Use Gamepads?

Valheim Controller Support - Can you use gamepads?

Valheim is one of the most popular survival games on Steam. Because of that, one would hope that you could adjust your input option or control style. However, because the game is in early access, not all expected features have been implemented. Does Valheim have controller support? And if it does, how do you make sure that it’s working correctly? Should you play Valheim on a controller? This guide will attempt to answer some of your burning questions.

How to Use Controller Support in Valheim

Valheim Controller Support - How to use gamepads

Valheim comes with native controller support, and will attempt to connect with whatever controller that you currently have connected. If it’s not connecting, head to the Options menu, then the Controls tab, and turn “Gamepad Enabled” on. If that is unsuccessful, you may have to use Steam’s Big Picture mode to ensure that your controller is recognized by Steam.

The first step after connecting your controller and installing the relevant drivers is to make sure Steam recognizes it. Select Gamepad Enabled in Valheim‘s Controls option menu. If the controller is unresponsive in-game, enter Big Picture Mode and head to Controller Configuration. You may need to enter Valheim in Big Picture Mode once your controller is set up. After this is all settled, you should be ready to start playing Valheim on most controllers. We know for certain that Xbox 360 controllers work.

Is it a good idea to play Valheim on controller? Well, that depends. While it might feel better to run around and engage in combat on a controller, Valheim also requires you to build and shoot arrows. Controllers might be hard to use for snapping building tiles into place, or sniping Deathsquitos out of the sky. If you are comfortable for aiming projectiles or even building in some games, then this might be a good option for you. Alternatively, you can use controller for hard combat situations and then switch for building, if you don’t mind finagling with the options menu every now and then.

It’s easy to get used to, and controllers will be getting more and more support as Valheim evolves.

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Written by Andrew Smith