Valheim Crossbow | What We Know So Far

Valheim is a Survival Game that allows the player to pick between different variants of weaponry. Different variants from melee to ranged weapons. The latest news that everyone has been getting from Iron Gate AB, is that there will be crossbows implemented in the game.

So far we know that the Draugr Fang is the current best bow for combat, holding the best stats and enchants. Only time will tell what the crossbow will introduce to the players!

Crossbow Implementation – Valheim

A recent tweet has been sent out from the creator of Valheim, Richard Svensson with the title saying “Wrong neighborhood, Troll #valheim #gamedev”. This tweet got a ton of reviews and got people wondering only about one thing. The picture that he posted on the tweet.

A Viking is holding a bow-looking weapon as you can see. Normally when you hold a bow it’s not supposed to be held that way. Everyone got excited into thinking that this may be a crossbow that the Viking is holding. And the community may be right on this guess.

Normally Vikings don’t use crossbows in any type of combats. Keep in mind that Valheim is not just about Vikings. It is a game that has unique flavors and takes. The crossbow can be a good implementation to the game, firstly it’s great to have more choices in choosing different weapons for combat.

And maybe there will be a competitor to the Draugr Fang bow. A stronger crossbow or with similar stats, just different types of mechanics. Only time will tell, but surely from what we can see from this tweet. Something interesting is cooking in Valheim!

Written by Borut Udovic

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