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Valheim Entrails | How to Make Sausage


The title of this guide might be gross, but not as gross as what the Vikings in Valheim have to do. Food might not be necessary for survival in this game, but good food makes you fight much, much better. So, when you find a good source of food, it’s important that you take advantage of it. Entrails are perhaps the most consistent midgame food source and can be used to make sausage. So, give this guide a read if you want this great food option.

Valheim | How to Use Entrails to Make Sausage


Entrails are dropped from the Draugr and Draugr Elite enemies. You can carry up to 50 of them at a time, and two of them are required for every four sausages you make. Sausages are a great, consistently effective food source that are made with two entrails, one raw meat, and four thistles.

Draugrs are encountered in the Swamp biome, in dungeons, and just wandering around. The more you explore the swamp, the more Draugr you’ll encounter. In general, Draugr will have a high spawn rate in dungeons, so saving up a few swamp keys might help you farm these guys. Otherwise, just make sure you’re wandering to new areas of the swamp.

How good are sausages, then? Compared to most food you can make by this point in the game, this is a legitimately astounding choice. Each one offers 60 health, 40 stamina, and great health regeneration. For how much you get per two entrails (4), this will be great for an entire group of Viking survivalists. It’s not even that hard to farm!

Remember to pick Thistle in the Black Forest and Swamp. Thistle is the glowing plant that spawns somewhat rarely, but the glow makes it easy to find in the two darker biomes in the game. Thistle is useful for a ton of different food recipes, though, so don’t turn them all into sausage links!

Sausage and entrails are probably the best food option in Valheim, until you can consistently take down Sea Serpents.

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Written by Andrew Smith