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Valheim Fire Keeps Going Out | How to Fix

Valheim Fire keeps going out

Valheim, like pretty much all other games in the open-world survival genre, allows you to build your own house. This house is pretty much your only respite from the monsters that are out to get you. You can also make your in-game home more comfortable. One of these amenities that you can add is a fire, but some players notice that their fire keeps going out. We’ll we think we just might know why and have the solution for you!

Valheim | How to Fix a Fire That Keeps Going Out
fire keeps going out Valheim

Valheim, for being a game with trolls, goblin creatures, and sea monsters actually has some fairly realistic physics and aspects. One of those aspects being that fire acts about the same as it does in real life.

To keep a fire alive in Valheim, you’ll need to create a condition where the flame is capable of surviving, much like in real life. This means that if your fire keeps going out, you need to make it with the proper conditions in mind. For example, this means keeping the area of the fire dry and also having a chimney to allow the smoke from the fire to escape from your house. This is the problem that most players have when it comes to keeping a fire alive.

You need adequate space atop the chimney for the smoke to escape or the smoke will suffocate the fire. Unfortunately, 45-degree roof panels usually aren’t quite enough, but there are all kinds of creative chimneys that you can make!

Since this is the main reason fires go out in Valheim for most players, this should fix your fire keeps going out issues. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that the fire is in a safe location so that it doesn’t end up burning down your whole house!

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Written by Andrew Smith