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Valheim Flametal Ore | How to Get


The number of materials that Valheim has to offer its players is frankly insane. If you explore all of the biomes in the game, you have almost a dozen different ores to gather for yourself. However, the Vikings that brave the southernmost areas of the world may find themselves face-to-face with a rare, powerful mineral, flametal. If you’re looking for this bright, shiny material, then this guide will show you where it is.

How to Get Flametal Ore in Valheim


In order to mine Flametal, you must head to the Ashlands area of the map, which is the southernmost biome. The Ashlands is a red area with gray ground and is currently fairly devoid of life. To get the ore, you must mine nearby meteorites, which are called Glowing Metal, with at least an Iron Pickaxe. When refined in a Blast Furnace, you’ll receive the Flametal ingots.

First of all, if you wish to consistently mine Flametal, it is highly recommended to set up a base in the Ashlands. This ore is absolutely ludicrous in weight; 12 per ore, and 12 per metal. This means that a full stack of 30 will put you at 360 weight, far beyond your normal encumbrance. This will fill your longship up really fast! Might as well have a base at the bottom of purgatory.

Flametal, as of version 0.146.11, has absolutely no use. It is going to be part of a far-future update when the developers start working on the Ashlands. However, the Ashlands are not currently on the list of guaranteed updates, so… you might just want to gather your Flametal while it’s easy and wait for the newest update. Who knows how hard it will be to mine a few updates from now!

We can only speculate how powerful armor and weapons made from Flametal could possibly be… You’d be wearing a meteorite, after all! Hopefully, the developers make that as metal as it sounds like it will be.

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Written by Andrew Smith