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Valheim | How to Find Silver Ore

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There are many different ores in the game Valheim. It promotes a very standard progression system where you gather stronger and stronger items to defeat bosses with. However, one type of ore in particular is kind of tricky to find. In order to find silver ore, you’ve got to do a ton more than you would do for the other materials; it’s even harder to get silver than it is to get iron! However, we can help you get to your precious silver ore as soon as possible!

How to Find Silver Ore in Valheim

find silver

In order to find silver ore, you must defeat the boss Bonemass and acquire a Wishbone. Once you have these items, you must make the trek up to a Mountain region. Equip the Wishbone and walk around until a green aura surrounds your character consistently. Once it does, mine downwards until you get to a small deposit of metal underground, and you’ve got yourself some silver!

Bonemass is a strong, mid-game boss. If you have anywhere near iron materials (and some Poison Resistance Potions), you’ll be in a good place to take down the slime behemoth. It drops the Wishbone, an accessory that you can equip to detect hidden items in swamps, mountains, or meadows.

The mountain region is really hard to work through, especially if you’re unprepared. Check out our guide to staying warm in the mountains if you need a hand! As you climb the mountain, pay attention to your character. If they start glowing with green lines, then you’re getting close to hidden ore veins. As you get closer, the aura pulses faster and faster until you get above it. Start digging downwards (with at least an Iron Pickaxe) to get the silver ore. Then, the ore behaves just like any other metal in the game; smelt it, build with it, and inevitably run out of it so you have to do yet another mountain run.

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Written by Andrew Smith