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Valheim Megingjord | How to Increase Carry Capacity


Valheim has had one of the most explosive releases in history. Because of its difficulty and viking themes, many consider it a high-tier survival game. However, you can never seem to truly bring everything you want from place to place. The weight capacity of Valheim is just enough to bring what you need and a bit more… And not much else. If this annoys you, then don’t fret; the Megingjord is the item that increases your carrying capacity. And thankfully, it’s not too hard to acquire!

How to Get Megingjord in Valheim | Increase Carry Capacity


In order to get Megingjord and increase your carrying capacity, you’ll need to find Haldor the Merchant. He can be found in a Black Forest biome on the map. Once you’ve gotten to the merchant, bring him 950 coins (amber and rubies are gold items). Then, equip the item just like you would any other piece of item. Your carrying weight should increase to 450.

Haldor the Merchant is by far the hardest part of the journey here. He can spawn in any Black Forest biome, and his spawn is not weighted towards being close to you. You can tell where he is by the merchant bag item on the map, which will appear when you get close.

The 950 gold coins cost isn’t too hard to come up with, depending on how often you raid dungeons. Make sure you keep your amber, amber pearls, and rubies on hand. After a dozen dungeons or so, you’ll be more than ready to get your Megingjord and be on your way.

The item does take up an inventory slot and doesn’t provide the greatest of defensive benefits. You should keep it for when you need to carry a massive amount of heavy items at the same time. For instance, put it on before a run to gather ores. It’s a shame that it’s an item slot, but adding 150 weight to your capacity is crazy strong!

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Written by Andrew Smith