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Valheim Padded Armor | How to Get

Padded Armor

Of all the many, many items to get in Valheim, armor might be the best. In order to survive the different biomes of the game, constantly upgrading your armor is important. So, when you get to the Iron tier, you might be wondering about how to get Padded Armor. It’s fantastic, offering high AC and even letting you be more comfortable while out and about. So, put on a couple of layers with us, and see how to get this strange set of equipment.

How to Get Padded Armor in Valheim

Padded Armor

The Padded armor set is built out of Iron and Linen thread. You get these pieces of equipment around the Plain’s biome stage. This is amongst the best armor in the early access right now, so it’s going to be a struggle to collect it! Once you have access to iron and linen, you’ll be in great shape to conquer what Valheim currently offers.

Iron is fairly simple. You gather it from Muddy Scrap Piles in the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp region. The Swamp is the third region you should go to after you defeat the Elder boss. The Elder boss drops the keys that you need to dungeon dive for Iron. If you haven’t taken out the Elder yet, you probably aren’t quite ready for Padded Armor. If you have, then awesome! Head to the Swamp and go dungeon diving. Then just smelt it like you would for Copper and Tin.

Linen Thread is a bit harder to farm. You’ll have to have defeated the fourth boss of the game, The Moder. Once you’ve taken it down, you’ll get the recipes for a Spinning Tree. Craft it, and feed the Spinning Tree Flax Seed. The Spinning Tree will construct some Padded Armor for you, and you can then start riding the endgame in style.

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Written by Andrew Smith