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Valheim Raft Controls | How to Sail Boats

Valheim raft controls
There are many lands to explore in Valhiem, with some being reached by raft. But for some players, these raft controls may be a little challenging. Here’s everything you need to know about how to sail in Valheim

How to Sail in Valheim | Boat and Raft Controls

Valheim raft controls

Before you can begin learning the raft controls you are going to need a raft. To build this you will need 20 wood, six leather scraps, and six resin. You don’t need a work bench for this, and the raft can be found on the misc tab of the crafting menu.  Once you have made a raft and it is placed in the sea you can begin setting sail.

Now that the raft is on the water you can board it. Once you are aboard follow the rope that is tied to the raft and the sail. This is the Rudder and you should be able to interact with it.

Now sailing in Valhiem can be quite challenging at first but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. It uses the AWSD keys to pilot, but turning right and left is a bit different. When taking control of this raft you will see the wheel of the ship at the bottom right. For specific raft controls, use A or D to turn left and right.

In order to turn your raft, you will have to press or hold one of the buttons until the yellow bar reaches a quarter of the way of the icon. You will need to stay still in order to turn, but eventually, you should begin turning your desired way.  When you have turned the way you want, make sure to press the opposite key you were using to turn the yellow bar back to the top of the icon.

Additionally, changing your sail position when sailing can help you get to your destination a lot faster when done right. For example, if you are heading towards the wind then I would suggest having no sail and just using your ores.

Now that you have a proper understanding of the Valheim raft controls, you can finally master the seasFor more on the game, check the links below.

Written by Andrew Smith