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Valheim Split Stack | How to Item Stack

The new survival game craze seems to be rearing it’s head! Valheim has released its first playable build, and it seems extremely interesting! Don’t let the graphics fool you though, this is a doozy of a game, with a ton of content already stored within its early access form! That being said, Valheim doesn’t hold your hand, and thus the simple task of figuring out how to split stack items can be hard to pin down. If you’re looking for solutions, we’re here to help!

How to Split Stack Items in Valheim

Split Stack

If you want to split stack in your inventory, go to the item you want to split. Then, hold shift, and click the stack again. This will open a menu that will allow you to split a stack however you want. The item on the left is the amount you take, the number on the right is how much you leave.

This is useful for a ton of reasons! Your inventory has a limited weight, so it’s important to store whatever you don’t find immediately useful. You only really need a few resources on you at a given time, after all! So, by splitting stacks between yourself and your storage, you’ll have a much easier time walking around the world.

This is also quite useful for the co-op features of the game. Giving your friends resources is much easier when you don’t need to puke your entire stack of wood back and forth between players. This simplifies things a lot and makes almost all aspects of inventory management easier.

As far as we can tell, splitting stacks do not do anything to positively affect your weight capacity while within your inventory. It seems that the game is at least competent enough to keep track of weight right. So this is mostly useful for organization, an extremely useful quality for a survival game like this.

Valheim is a survival game with a ton of potential. The world is gigantic, and there’s a ton to do at any time. While the graphics aren’t exactly AAA, there’s way more to the game than a quick glance could ever give. This is a must-try game for any fans of survival games.

Written by Andrew Smith