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Valheim The Forest Is Moving | What Does It Mean?

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Valheim is a game that is full of magic and mystery. From the monsters that await you around pretty much every corner to the various magical abilities that players and monsters have, there is a lot to uncover. One of the biggest mysteries that the game hits players with has been the fact that it’s becoming more popular recently. Some Valhiem players have been noticing that as the number of players increases, the forest is moving in the game! But why? Well not to brag, but we just might have the answer!

What Does The Forest Is Moving Mean in Valheim?

Forest Is Moving

As you would probably think, the forest randomly starting to shake and move isn’t exactly a good sign. The forest moving and shaking is actually a part of an in-game event, two actually, known as The Forest Is Moving and The Ground Is Shaking Events. These signify danger is coming to the player. 

This danger comes in the form of groups of enemies, usually a bunch of larger trolls –but that’s not the worst possibility. The event will only end in one of two ways: Either you defeat all the monsters and are able to escape the situation or enough time has passed. If you really don’t really care, you can also just die a few times and the trolls would eventually leave. 

The forest is moving part of the event is more of an omen or a warning of what’s to come. If you’re inside your house and you see this, then it means that there are some enemies outside your home that you just might have to deal with. 

If you want to avoid this problem entirely from the safety of your own home, then you better make sure that your house is enemy-proof first. If the enemies can’t get inside, then you can safely wait out the event from the comfort of your abode. 

If you aren’t able to get to shelter before the enemies catch up to you, then you are in for a challenge. You are going to want to have the best armor and weapons you can get your hands on before you head into battle. 

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Written by Andrew Smith