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Valheim Wolf Pelt | How to Get

Valheim Wolf Pelt

In Valheim, players can gain items from animals that they can use to craft a variety of goods. Items like the wolf pelt can increase your chances of survival, but how and where do we find these pelts? Do you know what you can make from them? If not, here is everything you need to know!

How to Get a Wolf Pelt in Valheim
Valheim Wolf Pelt

To get a wolf pelt, you must head to the mountain biome. Once you are there, you must find and defeat a wolf. When you have done this, it should drop its pelt that you can pick up and use. The pelt adds one weight to your inventory and you can item stack up to 50 of them.

The wolf pet can be used to build furniture for your home and wearable clothes and armor. You can build a Wolf Pelt Rug or a Dragon Bed, but you will need a hammer in order to do so. You can make a hammer using wood and stone.

As far as wearable items, you can craft Wolf Armor Chest, Wolf Armor Legs, and a Wolf Fur Cape with the pelt. The armor items will need a forge in order to be made. The chest piece will require 20 Silver, five Wolf pelts, and one chain. The leg armor will need 20 Silver, five pelts, and four Wolf Fangs. These will make you withstand damage a lot better in-game and would be a good item to have before fighting a sea serpent.

You can also make a Wolf fur cape but this is crafted using a WorkbenchYou will need four of these pelts, as well as one silver and a wolf trophy. This should give some protection from damage but it will mostly help keep you warm in snowy biomes.

That is how to get as well as what you can use wolf pelts for in Valheim. Now you can go out and style yourself or your home with the help of this new pelt.

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Written by Andrew Smith