Valorant Console and Mobile Might Soon Be Real

Valorant may have its issues, but the one thing it is consistent in is the numbers. Valorant being on Windows exclusively pulls around a million players daily, according to Active Player’s stats. In totality, the Valorant player-base is approximately 14 million strong.

With such strong performance on just one platform already, it’s natural that Valorant may now be looking beyond just being a PC release. A recent tweet from Valorant Leaks & Info’s official account reveals that the Valorant team is looking for a Senior Game Designer, Console – Valorant.

By the looks of it, this may be the beginning or early development stage of bringing Valorant to consoles. It will be interesting to see if they bring Valorant to Nintendo Switch at some point. It is undoubtedly a possibility.

As for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, an FPS game like Valorant doesn’t seem far-fetched anymore. Given how the latest consoles can deliver high frame rates at 4k resolutions, they have enough to offer a seamless experience. Moreover, Riot Games could take a step ahead and implement haptic feedback and more through the DualSense controller.

Valorant Console PC vs Console

On the other hand, the initial concern seems to be about cross-play. The first question would be whether to feature cross-play in the first place. As much as the consoles have progressed in technology, the FPS genre is predominantly PC exclusive. Moreover, Valorant also has ability-based gameplay added to the gameplay.

Valorant Console May Be Coming but First…

The mobile version might precede Valorant console. The recent news does at least seem so that the Valorant dev team has started inviting players for a test drive into the beta version.

Valorant Mobile Version UI Leak
Valorant Mobile UI Leaked Version

Since its initial announcement, the Valorant mobile version has witnessed a bunch of rumors and leaks, with the above image being a fairly concrete one. We are certainly anticipating news and reveals coming in the coming months.

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