Valorant Night Market: What Is It, When Is It Next?

Valorant has been a smash hit ever since it first came out just two years ago. Players fond of the gameplay of Counter-Strike and the operator mechanics from Rainbow Six Siege will feel familiar with how the game runs. One of the mechanics players will immediately recognize is weapon skins, which are earnable through the game’s battlepass. But there is a way to earn skins outside of the battlepass, and that is called the Night Market.

What is It, When Is It Next? – Valorant Night Market

The Night Market is similar to Valorant’s in-game Store. You will be presented 6 random weapon skins that will be available to be purchased at a discounted price, which is a pretty sweet deal, right?

The Night Market can have Select, Deluxe, and Premium weapon skins available for purchase. If you’re lucky enough, you can have 2 Premium skins offered to you, but that might put a hole in your wallet if you’re planning to buy them, even at a discounted price.

The cool thing about the Night Market is that it’s not the same for everyone. Each players Night Market will have different selections available.

So your friend can have 3 Select, 2 Deluxe, and a Premium weapon skin available for them while you have 3 Select, 1 Deluxe, and 2 Premium weapon skin.

If you have Melee Weapon skin available to you, that also nets you bragging rights to your friends.

There are a couple of downsides to the Night Market, however. One of them is that you can only get weapon skins from previous Acts, but never the current Act.

So if you’re saving up for a weapon skin in the current Act, then you might as well use that to purchase a cool looking skin you missed in the previous Act.

The second downside is that the Night Market resets every month. So if you’re not happy with the selection offered to you, you’ll have no choice but to wait until the next month.

There are a lot of places to keep track of the Night Market or the current state of Valorant like FPS Champion, the official Valorant Twitter, and a couple of other honorable mentions.

The Night Market for February has no official date yet, but players have reported that it might come in during the first week of February, or the second week at most.

Written by Borut Udovic

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