Vampire Survivors: How To Find Gracia’s Mirror, Seventh Trumper And Access Eudaimonia Machine

Vampire Survivor is a time-based survival game where players need to survive till dawn and fight against the monsters present around them. There are different types of weapons, power-ups and upgrades available that will help you survive during each run.

This guide will tell you how to find Gracia’s Mirror, Seventh Trumpet and the Eudaimonia Machine in the game.

How To Find Gracia’s Mirror, Seventh Trumper And Access Eudaimonia Machine – Vampire Survivors

In order to get Gracia’s Mirror and the Seventh Trumpet, you will need to access the Eudaimonia Machine. The Gracia’s Mirror is a Relic that unlocks a bonus stage using the Inverse mode that transforms any normal stage into a harder version.

Seventh Trumpet is another relic that can be used to unlock the Endless mode in the stage selection menu which prevents your character from dying allowing you to play the stage endlessly.

In order to unlock both of them, first you need to choose any existing character that you have unlocked in the game.

Next, you need to select the Eudaimonia M stage by scrolling all the way down and then back to the top to find it.

After starting the stage, go straight and proceed further to interact with the creepy yellow face in the center. Choose the answer on the left to unlock Gracia’s Mirror.

This will allow you to permanently access the harder version of any stage present in the game.

The game will now restart and you will need to select any stage with the inverse box ticked. Die immediately to quit the game and return to the main menu.

Select any character and chose the Eudaimonia M stage in the stage selection menu.

Once the stage begins, interact with the creepy face in the middle and then press the OK button to obtain the Seventh Trumpet Relic. This will allow you to permanently disable all reapers and fight endlessly.

That’s it, you have successfully unlocked the Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet in the game!

Written by Borut Udovic

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