Victoria 3: How To Colonize

Victoria 3 is a strategic society simulator where you need to build the ideal society during the period of the 19th century. As you create the society of your dreams, you will need to balance the demands of various economic groups and lead your nation towards stability. The game gives you complete freedom on how you wish to develop your country and extend your influence either diplomatically or militarily as you try to maintain global peace and avoid conflicts.

Colonization is an important part of expanding your country’s territory and influence so you can get access to cheaper labour as well as valuable resources. While it might sound easy, colonization requires some investment as there are multiple nations trying to set up colonies in to assert their dominance and gain a geopolitical advantage.

This guide will tell you how to colonize other countries in the game.

How To Colonize – Victoria 3

Before you can colonize, you will need to research the Colonization technology in the Society section of the skill tree.

Next, you will need to establish a Colonial Affairs Institution so you can enact the Colonial Resettlement or Colonial Exploitation laws.

To get started, click on the Politics option in the sidebar to open the Politics menu.

Here you need to access the Laws tab and select the Colonization option.

In this menu, you can either do Colonial Resettlement or Colonial Exploitation. You will need to find interest groups that endorse your actions and then you will be able to enact these changes.

It can take some time to enact these changes but eventually, it will be complete and you will be able to get to the next step.

Once the colonization law is enacted, you will need to declare interest in the region where you wish to colonize.

To do this, open the Diplomacy menu and then scroll down to find the Declare Interest button. You will need to select the region that you are interested in and you can declare interest in those lands highlighted in green.

Wait for the process to complete and then you will be able to create a colony there by clicking on the “Establish Colony” button. In order to establish a colony, it needs to be in an area that is decentralized power. If it is not decentralized then you won’t be able to colonize it easily and will need to wage a war to conquer their land.

This colony will automatically keep on expanding its territory into other decentralized areas. A timer will appear on top of the nation telling you the time required for the colonization process to complete.

There might be conflicts or other issues that might arise during this period and you can go to war to take all of their lands if the situation arises. You can put more points into the Colonial Affairs Institution to increase the population in your colonized territory and every one million people will help you accelerate the colonial growth by 0.10.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these start to colonizing other nations in Victoria 3!

Written by Borut Udovic

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