Video Games We’d Love To Spend the Rest of Our Lives In

Video Games We'd Love to Spend the Rest of our Lives In

When gamers play their favorite video games, sometimes it’s natural to wonder what living in that particular video game would be like. A Reddit thread posted this question, and these ten games are the most popular responses. 

Mass Effect

Space travel and exploration fans will feel at home in the Mass Effect universe.

Sure, there’s the threat of ending civilization as we know it, but isn’t that part of the thrill of living in a sci-fi future? Part of the thrill of living in Mass Effect is picking where in the galaxy to live in.

Kerbal Space Program

If the high stakes that come with the Reaper invasion are too much, Kerbal Space Program may scratch that sci-fi itch. 

Exploring the solar system as you work on a space program is a dream come true for many. Let’s hope we’re not the Kerbals in this video game world. 

Farming Simulator

If you’re a farmer, chances are you’re already living in the Farming Simulator video game!

On a serious note, for those that value hard work and self-sufficiency, this is undoubtedly one of the video games they’ll want to live in. It’s not always much, but it’s honest work. So make sure you pick the Farming Simulator year with the most up-to-date equipment. 

Stardew Valley

If the demands of realistic farming are too much, then Stardew Valley offers a more laid-back experience. However, there’s still a lot required while living in a farming village. 

However, one key difference with Stardew Valley is the friendly neighbors and charming aesthetic. No matter how hard work is on the farm, it’ll be difficult not to keep a smile on your face. 

The Legend of Zelda

Has Gannondorf been dealt with? Then sign us up for a house in the Hyrule market. 

Most will visualize an appropriate live-in Hyrule from Ocarina of Time. Given the memorable music of Gerudo Valley or the charming feel of Kokiri Forest, this isn’t a surprise. 

You can’t go wrong with any Zelda game, honestly. There’s plenty to choose from, from the island of Link’s Awakening to the picturesque beauty of Skyward Sword. 

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I prefer the nostalgic and familiar feeling of the Kanto region. 

In all honesty, any of the Pokémon regions are appealing. Living in harmony with your Pokémon is a dream come true for many gamers. So make sure your friendly Pokémon real estate agent is on speed dial. 

Chrono Trigger

One Reddit comment says it all:

“Time travel, magic, a robot buddy, and a badass chick friend with a tail. I can get away without speaking at all too. Perfect.”

Wii Sports

Do you wish to live a life of leisure at a sports resort? That’s a no-brainer here. 

Being able to play golf, baseball, bowling, tennis, or boxing at a moment’s desire seems like a perfect way to live the rest of our lives. 

Well, maybe not boxing, but definitely the other sports. 

Animal Crossing

If sports aren’t your thing, the homey feel of an Animal Crossing village may be up your alley. The game already prepares you for your life on your own. This makes it a natural choice for video games we’d love to live in. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want to trade in their awful real-life neighbors for their preferred animal ones?


For those looking to live the rest of their days under the sea, Subnautica is a perfect choice. 

While yes, some dangers lie in the ocean. Still, the amount of peaceful exploration and building within Subnautica makes it incredibly enticing. 

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