10 Video Games That Would Translate Into the Best Movies: “A Match Made in Heaven”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best Nintendo game
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The video game world is filled with classic games that captivate gamers and forgettable games that make people wonder how they were even made in the first place. During a recent online forum discussion, gamers found themselves debating the former.

More specifically, they discussed the iconic video games that stand the test of time and would naturally translate into incredible Hollywood films. You have to hand it to these gamers; they came up with plenty of great games that would easily be adaptable into movies.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto VI
Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

On paper, a movie based on Grand Theft Auto‘s world is a match made in heaven. Imagine taking multiple protagonists, intersecting storylines, and adding everything that makes GTA so iconic: heist missions, police shootouts, gratuitous violence, and plenty of sexual undertones.

But, of course, if this sounds like the plot to Heat to youyou’re not alone. Many gamers admit it would probably be perceived as a shameless knock-off of the classic film. However, if it were turned into a movie, Grand Theft Auto would be a no-brainer runaway hit, regardless!

2. Red Dead Redemption

Many gamers suggest Red Dead Redemption would translate exceptionally well to the silver screen. From the slow, deliberate pace to the iconic moments that put the game on the map, the result would be a film resembling a classic western – with a modern twist. Based on the popularity of RDR games, it’s a safe bet to say the movie would be a box-office success. Somebody call Clint Eastwood!’

3. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

As soon as one person suggested this game be turned into a movie, excited gamers came out of the woodwork to support it. But, holy smokes, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I haven’t thought about that game in ages!” exclaims one enthusiastic fan.

“I’m not even sure if I ever got it all figured out, but man was that game awesome!” His enthusiasm is infectious, and now I want nothing more than to see this 1992 PC game reimagined with Harrison Ford again taking the world on a big-screen adventure.

4. Half-Life

One gamer suggests Half-Life is the perfect candidate to be turned into a feature-length film, predicting it would play out “like Die Hard at an alien research facility.” The iconic first-person shooter made waves in the late 90s with its unforgettable story and mind-blowing graphics. Could it perform just as well at the box office? Many gamers think so, imagining it as a horror/sci-fi adventure that could captivate a worldwide audience.

5. Castlevania

According to many people – especially those who grew up playing the classic Nintendo games – Castlevania translated into a film would be an intriguing proposition. Several gamers argue we’re overdue for a movie based around vampire hunters.

In contrast, others point to the massively successful Netflix anime based on Castlevania as proof that Hollywood should get to work immediately! When playing it as a child, I always thought Castlevania was too intense for my taste – but I’d be down to see a movie based on it in the future.

6. Hitman

Although it’s been attempted before, a proper film faithful to the gameplay of Hitman is long overdue. One gamer puts it all in perspective for us. “A Hitman movie would work well if they actually made it like the games,” he confesses. “Yes, you can kill everyone in a level and complete it, but you aren’t supposed to. 

You get the highest score for only killing your target and never getting spotted. It’s a stealth game and would make a great crime thriller, but both recent adaptations have been straight-up action movies.” It sounds like this guy should get in touch with somebody in Hollywood!

7. NBA 2K23

Many movies have been made based on professional basketball, but a feature film based on NBA 2K23 would be different. Many gamers point out that a movie based on the “My Career” game mode, where players take control of a young NBA hopeful and lead him through a burgeoning professional basketball career, would be illuminating and make for a great film.

After all, as NBA 2K23 has shown, the road to becoming an NBA superstar is long and winding. It would be a treat for gamers and sports fans to see it all play out on the big screen.

8. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

One gamer has called this “the best arcade game of all time,” so why can’t it also eventually be adapted into the best movie of all time? So many people confess daydreaming about a star-studded cast filled with some of Hollywood’s best and brightest.

Between the overwhelming star power and the expertly-choreographed fight scenes that would exist in this theoretical movie, we’re starting to salivate at the very thought of X-Men vs. Street Fighter taking Hollywood by storm. It would be like if the Avengers decided to fight each other in a street fighting tournament, only better!

9. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best Nintendo game
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The consensus is that Ocarina of Time has all the makings of a great film. One person figures the movie could be “Maybe a two-parter with young Link and then adult Link figuring out the dungeons. That could be fun.” That plot could work.

Other gamers agree, with one person describing an eventual Ocarina of Time movie as an Indiana Jones film combined with Lord of the Rings – and a bit of Star Wars thrown in for good measure. Attach a director like Spielberg to get behind this movie, and turning one of the best games on Nintendo 64 into a film is a surefire winner.

10. Star Fox

When Star Fox was released in 1993 for the Super NES, gamers were treated to an innovative rail pseudo-3D space shooter that now feels like it could easily translate to the big screen. It has everything needed to succeed in Hollywood: kid-friendly characters, an easy-to-follow plot, and plenty of spaceship battles.

Star Fox could be the rip-roaring space adventure Lightyear could only dream of,” one gamer slyly says. Wow. That particular tagline would look good plastered on a movie poster!

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