Virtua Fighter 5 | How To Block

Virtua Fighter 5 How To Block

It is not unusual to be unsure about how to block in Virtua Fighter 5. After spending a while with it, the game’s depth reveals itself. Mashing makes some special moves come out, but nothing that would cause an experienced player to lose. This is a game that is known for being balanced and technical, and fighting good players will make you realize that even blocking might be tricky.

How to Block in Virtua Fighter 5

Virtua Fighter 5 How To Block

Mechanically speaking, to block in Virtual Fighter 5, simply hold down the guard button (Square.) However more technically, attacks have different heights, so you will always have to choose between blocking high and mid or low. To block high and mid, holding the guard button is enough. To block low attacks, hold it while crouching.

Most of the fastest attacks in this game hit high, but players can crouch to avoid those completely. Low attacks might be annoying when you are standing, but they often have a long recovery time. Crouching punches are an exception to the rule since they are ex-low attacks. It means they hit low, but you don’t have to hold down to block it.

Mid attacks are slower and more dangerous because they can hit both standing and crouching adversaries. Besides, the fighter must be standing to block it.

With all that said, it might seem like it is best to stand block most of the time. However, standing there holding the guard button will leave you vulnerable to throws. Hold punch at the same time you are holding guard so you will have a chance to tech the throw.

How To Block And Dodge At The Same Time

Virtua Fighter 5 how to block

There is a technique in 3D fighters called Fuzzy Guard. It is defined by tapping down when guarding to avoid grabs and low attacks during a block string. Don’t expect it to work all the time, and it might take a while for you to learn how and when you should do it.

In Virtua Fighter 5, Fuzzy Guarding is associated with holding the guard button after a crouching dash. It is usually performed by the player that used a disadvantageous attack. By inputting it correctly, you should be able to dodge a grab attempt, go under a high hitting strike, and block a mid-attack with a single command.

Fighting Games can be hard sometimes, but with a little bit of practice you should be able to learn how to block in a more effective manner! If you want to read more about fighting games, check out our article on Dragon Ball FighterZ controls!

Written by Andrew Smith