Warhammer 3: Hotkeys & Controls Guide

Warhammer 3 Hotkey Controls and Guide

It can be hard to control your army in Warhammer 3: Total War because of the sheer size of the battalion that you have to manage. Knowing the right hotkeys and controls can help you easily manage your army and jump from one unit to another.

We’re going to be showing you the different controls and hotkeys that the game doesn’t tell you. These commands will help you manage your army efficiently and effectively.

Hotkeys & Controls Guide – Warhammer 3: Total War

Total War Warhammer 3

We’ve divided the different controls to help you manage your army. Feel free to jump to any section you like.

Selecting Units

All of these hotkeys and controls deal with selecting a single unit, multiple units, or units of the same type.

  • Select Entire Army – Ctrl + A
  • Select multiple units – Ctrl + LMB or Shift + LMB
  • Select units of the same type – Ctrl + Double click
  • Pan to Lord – Home Key
  • Deselect all units – Enter
  • Select all artillery units – Ctrl + B
  • Select all melee and infantry units – Ctrl + I
  • Select all cavalry units – Ctrl + C
  • Select all missile and infantry units – Ctrl + M

Moving Units

These next set of controls will be all about moving units from one place to another.

  • Move units while keeping formation – Alt + LMB Drag
  • Rotate units – Alt + LMB Drag + Ctrl (then face towards the direction you like)
  • About-face – J

Camera Controls

These next controls and hotkeys are all related to camera movements and zooms.

  • Rotate Up – V
  • Rotate Down – C
  • Rotate Left – Q
  • Rotate Right – E
  • Camera Up – X
  • Camera Down – Z
  • Accelerate – Page Up
  • Decelerate – Page Down
  • Increase Camera Rotation – Shift + Page Up
  • Decrease Camera Rotation – Shift + Page Down
  • Intelligent Zoom – N
  • Third-person camera – Insert
  • Toggle Unit Camera – Delete

Game Controls

The following controls are what you can use to control the UI and the speed of the game.

  • Cycle Battle Speed – T
  • Toggle Unit Information – I
  • Toggle UI – K
  • Toggle UI Borders – Alt + K
  • Pause – P

Advanced Controls

These advanced controls will help you select abilities, spells, and other magic that you can use.

  • Select spells – Alt + 1-6
  • Select abilities – Shift + 1-8
  • Aim magic – Hold LMB
  • Free move when casting spells – Hold Alt while aiming
  • Toggle Run – R
  • Halt/ cancel order – Backspace
  • Withdraw/ recall unit – U
  • Draw custom paths – Shift + RMB Drag
  • Find idle units – Backslash key (\)
  • Select all idle units – Ctrl + Backslash key (\)

And those were all the different hotkeys and commands that you can use in Warhammer 3: Total War. Memorizing and mastering these commands can easily help you effectively manage your army and turn the tides of the battle in your favor.

Written by Borut Udovic

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