Warlander: Best Mage Guide (DPS Build)

Warlander is a brand new free-to-play online game where you need to fight the enemy and take away their castle while defending yours at the same time. Currently in the game there are three classes, Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. We will be discussing the mage in this article and show you the best DPS build that you can make in order to have the highest numbers out there.

In this guide, you will learn how to make the best Mage DPS build for Warlander.

Best Mage Guide (DPS Build)

To start off, we need to state that the mage is a class that all of his attacks come from Ranged damage. This is a squishy class that deals a lot of damage, meaning that it needs to be kept safe in the back lines at all times as well as buffing them consistently.

In the headings below, we will discuss every single ability that the mage can use as well as how good they perform against opponents and obstacles.

Novice Magic Arrow

This is a really cool ability that you get early on as the mage. You basically shoot arrows out of your fingers. A really good ability for harassing opponents from a far as well as close range. You will obliterate opponents whenever you get close and personal with them during this attack.

However, the Novice Magic Arrow spell doesn’t perform well against objects, you might want to switch it for those scenarios.

Novice Fireball

This is your secondary spell whenever you start off. A great ability that you need to use against buildings and obstacles. This is not the best choice for attacking people as it is a slightly slower ability to cast. Stick with the Magic Arrows whenever you want to attack people.

Prototype Gyroscope

The Prototype Gyroscope is a great ability that can help you deal a bit more extra damage whenever you attack. This gyroscope will attack the same way and at the same target that you attack. A really great choice if you want some of those DPS numbers to get a slight bump.


The Barrage ability is a great single target spell that a player can see it being casted from a mile away. This ability will shoot a barrage of fire arrows. You can use this ability alongside your teammates and melt through various obstacles as well as drain groups of opponents pretty quick.

Do note that the ability is weak if you try and use it all by yourself. Make sure that there are players around to use it together.

Wind Trap

The wind trap ability is a great trap that you can use if you want to get away from a messy situation or even try to sneak behind someone.

With this ability you get to place a trap on the ground. If an opponent walks onto that trap, they will get thrown off the area and get stunned at the same time. Works pretty well whenever you are pushing gates and want to place a trap right after the gate has been broken to throw away any opponents.

Flash Step

This is a typical blink ability that the mage can use to get away from opponents or just change his overall positioning for the fight.


A very slow ability that will deal a ton of damage to your opponents. You will mark your area and cast the spell, after a few seconds, the lightning will blast onto the ground where you’ve casted it and throw anyone standing in it as well as deal a lot of damage.

This ability works very well whenever there is a skirmish going on. Wait for a group of opponents to gather around and throw this ability on them to rain hell.


The Crows ability will summon crows that will begin harassing the opponent after a period of time as well as make them panic. This is a great ability that gives you a lot of crowd control. It is also a really helpful ability as you can disable opponents and save your teammates whenever they are under attack.

Best Build To Currently Use

To start off, here is a list of the weapons you want to use for your Mage in order to deal a lot of damage to both players and objects. These weapons are:

  • Lightning Shock
  • Lightning
  • Flash Step

With these weapons, you can start off by consistently spamming your lightning shot ability to your enemies that are in front of you without aiming too much. This weapon has a large aiming gap and you will damage opponents pretty easily with it.

Combine the Lightning Shock ability with the Flash Step and you can blink behind enemies to trick them and allow yourself to deal more damage. When you hit them from the back, you deal additional damage.

The Lightning ability is pretty simple, try to use it whenever there is a group of opponents from a far. Slam your ability there to make a giant CC pool as well as deal tons of damage.

We hope this guide has explained the main abilities in Warlander as well as helped you figure out what currently is the best build for the mage to destroy objects as well as eliminate opponents.

Written by Borut Udovic

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