Wartales: Locks | How To Lockpick

During your adventures in Wartales, you might come across different chests and loot. Some of the chests in the game will be locked with a lock. This cannot be open in any way other than lockpicking. In terms of how the lockpicking works in the game, the developers have done a good job to recreate real life lockpicking to a degree.

How To Lockpick In Wartales

Before we get into lockpicking at all, let’s talk about lockpicks.

Lockpicks can be found out in the world in chests, they can be bought from vendors, but the easiest and most straightforward way is to craft them.

The lockpicks can be crafted on the Workshop in the camp. Only one Iron Ore is required to craft one lockpick. I recommend crafting more than one though, because during lockpicking, the lockpicks have a chance to break.

The way lockpicking works in Wartales is this: Once you start lockpicking, the deeper the lockpick goes, the closer you are to unlocking one of the three locks. There are locks with three different locks at the time of writing, and you have rinse and repeat the process of trying one spot and moving to another.

In other words, when you start lockpicking try to go deeper with the lockpick. If it creates a metal sound, you’ve hit a roadblock. Move the lockpick around and try different areas one by one.

Again, the deeper the lockpick goes, the closer you are to unlocking one of the locks.

It seems like that lockpicks have a tendency of breaking if you try to insert the lockpick in a spot that it cannot go in. So, the failed attempts are what decreases the lockpicks durability.

When you open all three of the locks, you will get a small amount of experience and some experience for the profession. At the moment, it seems like there’s only one type of locks, which are the locks that have the three-lock mechanism.

This might change in the future though, as Wartales gets improved upon.

Written by Borut Udovic

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