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Wasteland 3 | All Cyborg Chicken Locations

Cyborg Chicken

Cyborg Chickens in Wasteland 3 are one of the many novelties found within this massive post-apocalyptic CRPG. However, while their purpose is a bit unclear, some forums are claiming if you collect all of them you can get a unique animal companion. That said, below you will find all Cyborg Chicken locations listed and how to get them. Good luck hunting!

Cyborg Chicken

All Cyborg Chicken Locations in Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3 there are a total of five Cyborg Chickens you will need to unlock the unique animal companion in the game. To find these chickens, you must go to the locations listed below and have the unlocked animal whisperer skill to get them to follow you.

Once you find one of the chickens on the list, you will then need to lead them back to the Ranger HQ, shows in the image above. Players should also note that one chicken is already at the coup, so you will only have to find the other four. With that said, here is where to find the other four chickens starting with the one at the Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods Cyborg Chicken

Garden of the Gods

The first chicken you will need to grab is located at the Garden of the Gods, north of the mass grave. In order to get it, you will need at least four animal spirit. After convincing it to follow you, lead it back to the chicken coup at Ranger HQ.

Sans Luxe Apartments Cyborg Chicken

Sans Luxe Apartments

The next chicken you will need is located at the Sans Luxe Apartment complex, behind a locked door that you need to repair a generator to unlock. In order to repair the generator, you will need someone with a level five mechanics skill, and once the generator is repaired the door will open. Then in the middle of the room, you will find the Cyborg Chicken location, and you will need three points into the animal whisperer skill to get it to follow you.

Broadmoor Heights Church Cyborg Chicken

Broadmoor Heights Church
Moving on, the third chicken you will need to find is located at the Broadmoor Heights Church, in a room to the side of the front entrance. To get into this room you will need to press a button that is located towards the far left of the entrance. Once inside you will then need someone with an animal whisperer of four to get it to follow you.

Patriarch’s Bunker Cyborg Chicken

Patriarch's Bunker Cyborg Chicken
The final Cyborg Chicken is located at the’s Patriarch’s Bunker in Broadmoor Heights. Specifically, it is in the second room on a small 2nd floor office area. To get into this area you will need someone with six Sneak Shit, and to get the chicken to follow you will need at least five animal whisperer.

After this, that will be all of the Cyborg Chickens you can find in the game. Simply take them back to the Ranger HQ and you’ll be good to go. After progressing further in the game, you should at some point receive the animal companion.

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Written by Andrew Smith