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Wasteland 3 Cyborg Tech Perk | How to Get

Cyborg Tech

In Wasteland 3 players can acquire skills and perks as they journey across the map, along with non-skill perks like Cyborg Tech. Regardless of your playstyle, this is a perk you should highly consider getting at some point, as it allows players to equip cyborg utility items. That said, in this guide, we will explain how you can get the Cyborg Tech the perk and where you can find some of its utility items.

How to get Cyborg Tech Perk in Wasteland 3

Cyborg Tech

In short, in order to get the Cyborg Tech Perk in Wasteland 3, you must find a robot doctor that called Vivisecto RN who sells it for 1,024 Colorado dollars at the Machine Commune in Denver. If you don’t know where Denver is on the map, check the image above. Additionally, in the image below, we’ve provided a shot that will help you find Vivisecto’s location.

Cyborg Tech

To buy the perk, you must simply walk up to the robot, interact with him, and follow the corresponding dialogue for the perk. Once you pay, you will then receive a small disk called Cyborg Tech Control Unit that will give you the Cyborg Tech perk and allow you to use the Cyborg Utility items. With that said, all you need to do next is select the item and click “Use Item on Self” with the character you want to learn the perk.

After doing this, you will unlock the perk and can now use whatever utility item you wish. With that said, if you check the list below you will find brief summaries of all of the various cyborg utility items being sold by Vivisecto.

Optilaser 9000

The first item on the list is perhaps the best item you can get from Vivisecto. Due to the unique Optilaser ability granted by the item, the ability’s stats are quite impressive.

  • Damage: 90-120
  • On Success: 25% chance to apply shocked

Nociception Clamp

Cyborg Tech

This next item gives whatever player you equip it to the following stats below and would be an ideal item for a character that is most likely going to come under fire a lot.

  • Downed Time: +2
  • Critical Resistance: +100

Cerebral Modem

For the last item on the list, we would recommend giving it to a character that already has Nerd Stuff, as it’s unique ability will go along well with the robot hacking abilities granted by that skill. The following stats below are what the Cerebal Uplink ability grants you.

  • Energy Damage: 25-35
  • On Success: Applies System Crash

Now that you know how to both get and use the Cyborg Tech perk in Wasteland 3, check out some of our other guides for the game, all of which will be listed down below.

Written by Andrew Smith