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Does Wasteland 3 Have Fast Travel?

Fast Travel

Wasteland 3 is a big game with a vast open-world map, so it is no wonder why some players are currently wondering if the game has a fast travel feature. After all, going across the map in an expansive RPG can take some time, and it’d be much easier to quickly travel from point A to B with the press of a button.

Is There Fast Travel in Wasteland 3?

Wasteland 3 Fast Travel

In short, there is no fast travel in Wasteland 3, at least in the traditional sense as players can’t travel from location to location. That said, they can call a tow by pressing the radio that is at the top of the screen, as shown above. However, this will only allow the player to travel from their current location back to Colorado Springs. Other than this there is no fast traveling in the game.

While this may be disappointing to some, it is as the developers intended. This is because players are meant to use the Kodiak to travel to different locations and to survive random encounters and radiation. In the end, this decision helps to add to the overall harshness of this world and makes it truly feel like a savage wasteland.

If the random encounters are what is making you want to know about the fast travel options in Wasteland 3, there are some ways you can avoid them. For instance, a number of different skills can give the player several options to either skip the encounter in it’s entirety or give the player an edge in the fight to make it easier.

Also, in my experience playing the game the three things listed below are some of the most common skills I have seen that add options to random encounter events.

  • Sneaky Shit
  • Animal Whisperer
  • Weird Science

However, it is also worth noting that it all depends on the type of random encounter and the type of enemies. For example, in the image below I used the skill Hard Ass to gain an advantage over a Hard Head enemy encounter.

Fast Travel
Wasteland is simply amazing.

So ultimately, your best option is to have a pretty diverse squad with each squad member specializing in different skills so that you can either avoid or gain an advantage in as many encounters as possible.

Now that you know about the fast travel options in the game, or the lack thereof, be sure to check out some of our other Wasteland 3 guides listed below.

Written by Andrew Smith