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Wasteland 3 Red Dye | How to Get

Red Dye

At some point when playing Wasteland 3, you’ll eventually wander into a strange location called the Bizarre. This is where some of the finest merchants in the game reside. However, in order to get inside the main trading area, you have to get a pass. These can can be obtained through a number of ways, with the best being getting Red Dye for a Merchant. This guide will show you how to get the Red Dye so you can get inside the Bizarre.

How to Get Red Dye in Wasteland 3

Red Dye

In order to get the Red Dye in Wasteland 3, you have to create it at a chemical station with the correct order of chemicals as shown below. Before you can create the Red Dye, you will need the Red Dye formula, which can be found via a book inside Irv’s Sans Luxe Apartment.

Red Dye

This location is fairly easy to get to as you will get a quest to go here after the Garden of the God’s quest to deal with a troublesome tenant. Once inside the building, you will be directed by the landlady to the location of the apartment — it’s the one on the end of the left hallway with the locked level 5 door.

If you haven’t done this quest already, come prepared. Past the level 5 locked door will be some tough enemies, and you will need to clear them out before you can get the book you need. Once the enemies are gone, the book you’re looking for is called “The Clown’s Guide To Paint, Makeup and Acid.” It can be found in one of the containers in the middle of the room as shown below.

Red Dye

Alternatively, you can also pass a weird science skill check to create it, provided you have at least six points into weird science. Nonetheless, either method will get the job done.

How to Craft Red Dye – Ingredients List

Here’s a list of chemicals that will create the Red Dye.

  • Carbon 18
  • Hydrogen 14
  • Nitrogen 2
  • Sodium 2
  • Oxygen 8
  • Sulfide 2

After you create the Red Dye from either the book or the list above, you will be granted access to the Bizarre. Now that you know how to create Red Dye, be sure to check out some of our other Wasteland 3 guides listed below.

Written by Andrew Smith